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Other Post Employment Benefit Plans


Other Post Employment Benefit Plans provide a non-retiremnent benefit. Benefits may include:

  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Life insurance

Most Other Post Employment Beneit Plans relate to medical coverage for retired employees. Coverage may cease at a particular age or time period and may continue for life. Retirees may be required to contribute to be eligible for coverage. Even if a plan requires the retiree to pay 'the full premium', the plan is still subject to GASB 74/75 requirements as there is an implicit subsidy for such a plan as the value of the coverage for an older individual is greater than the average premium paid by all participants.

GASB 43/45 Actuarial Services

Our OPEB actuarial valuation reports provide the following information in accordance with GASB 74 and 75 reporting requirements:

  • Actuarial Accrued OPEB Benefit Obligation and Normal Cost
  • The Unfunded Liability and OPEB assets (if applicable)
  • The OPEB Annual Required Contribution which includes funding a portion of the UAAL liability
  • Schedule of Funding Progress, Schedule of Employer Contributions and Reconciliation of Net OPEB Obligation
  • Sensitivity Analysis of the medical trend assumption
  • Implicit Rate Subsidies
  • Summary of Plan Provisions
  • Summary of Actuarial Basis
  • Cash Flow Projection

Alternative Method

Employers with fewer than 100 employees may use an Alternative Measurement Method to determine their OPEB costs and disclosures.


We do not have a standard fee schedule to prepare an actuarial valuation for your plan. You can provide the information necessary to receive an OPEB actuarial fee quote by using our web form to provide information on your OPEB plan or you can send us the information via one of the methods in our contact J.G. Gaston & Associates page.