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Zach A. Nieland

Zach Nieland is an associate actuary.

We are delighted to welcome Zach & Melissa to Asheville. Zach joined the firm in June of 2007. Melissa is in the residency program at Mountain Area Health Education Clinic ("MAHEC").

Zach worked as an actuarial analyst with Allen Jenkins, Inc. from 2002 until moving to Asheville. Zach's background includes defined benefit actuarial valuations and administration, computer systems design and operations, and software development.

Since joining the firm in June of 2007, Zach has performed defined benefit plan actuarial valuations and actuarial review, developed specialized software in connection with SFAS 106 and GASB 74/75, and upgraded our network configuration.

  • Enrolled Actuary (applied, 2007)
  • B.A., Actuarial Science, Abilene Christian University, 2002